Mod 2 Summary

Module 2 blog was about the privacy and surveillance of social media websites, and the different problems we can encounter while using these websites. My blog talked about how some people use these websites to shape and form their identities, and to use it as a way of expressing themselves on topics they may not normally do in the physical world. For some people, being able to sign on to a social media website under a different domain name or identity, allows them to feel liberated to do the things they would not normally do with face to face contact. I also spoke about the progress social networking sites have made, and the differences in the way we used social networking 10 years ago compared to now, for example, MSN messenger to Facebook. I really enjoyed everyone’s comments on my blog, and for the most part everyone seemed to agree with me, that social networking sites have drastically changed from the way we used them 10 years ago, and how this is affecting our communication styles today. Everyone seemed to agree that with faster and more advanced technology, we seem to be dumbing down our responses to one another in order to get our points across more quickly and effortlessly. Another point I made that seemed to resonate with everyone was the fear I had about the way we will communicate 50 years from now, with continuing advancements in technology. Lastly, my blog also talked about the ways I post information on social networking sites such as Facebook, and how I would not post any personal information, and or anything I would not say in the physical world, because my online identity is the same as my real one. Overall everyone’s comments seemed to agree with the points I had made in my blog, and I really enjoyed everyone’s feedback!



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