Module 4 Summary

Throughout reading everyone’s comments, everyone seems to be in the same boat that we are all consumers rather then producers. Everyone seemed to agree that the only thing they would be considered a producer for is their Facebook page, and producing things through uploading pictures or posting statuses. @nzaduban made a good point about Facebook, if we have strict privacy settings, and only really use it to connect with friends and family and do not post pictures or videos, then even this would not label us as producers. I always have thought that everyone else must be more tech savvy then me, allowing them to produce videos, songs etc., online, and that I was in the minority group of being a consumer rather then a producer, what I found surprising is that it is completely the other way around, everyone seems to be a consumer rather then a producer for many of the same reasons. Everyone seems to be afraid of producing things and putting it online due to criticism and judgment from people in the online world, as well as most of us are unaware of how to produce and edit videos etc. Everyone also seemed to agree that copyright laws are hard to follow on the Internet because there is so much material constantly being produced and uploaded online that it is hard to keep track and follow the guidelines of copyright laws. @colecrear90 brought up a good point that  using websites such as YouTube do help to prevent and limit producers from breaking copyright laws because they can take videos off their site. Using these types of platforms can limit producers from breaking copyright laws and is a way to help prevent original work from being stolen or copied by somebody else, although I do think it is impossible to completely prevent this from happening on the internet.


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