The music industry should hop on the online sharing train!

Everyone’s comments seem to come to the general consensus that music companies should find better ways to prevent piracy, and embrace the new world of music sharing. In @nzaduban’s blog she discusses that while piracy is a huge issue for music producers, and pirating music goes against copyright laws, it would still be impossible to completely eliminate the problem of online music sharing. I completely agree with this, when one music sharing website goes down, another one is created, for example napster and limewire. @cromero2013’s blog brought up a good point that it is wrong for big music companies to slap lawsuits against people who are downloading music from the internet, but rather they should be focusing on the people who are creating the music sharing software, and by doing this makes record companies come across as an enemy to the consumer. I think this brings up a good point, and because CDs are becoming obsolete, big music companies should find new and innovative methods to get consumers to purchase their music via the Internet, rather then slapping big lawsuits on people who share and download music. Another good point brought up in @melaniemonroe’s blog was the reasons young people engage in illegal downloading of music, which is it is often to expensive for young people to afford the music they want and that the ability to share music information should not be restricted to the consumer.
Throughout reading the comments on my blog, everyone seems to agree that big music companies need to be conscientious of the way the consumers are changing the music industry and rather then fight against it, they should find ways to get us to buy their music online. Also, many blogs seemed to bring up the same point that if we teach children at a young age the harms of pirating music online, and the importance of supporting musicians and buying music, then this would help eliminate piracy if it is taught at a young age.


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