Mod 6 Summary

This week we were asked the question if the emergence of new opportunities encourage us to participate more directly in citizen journalism and/or social activism and the majority of us have agreed that indeed it does. @cromero2013 commented that “citizen journalism and the internet has really increased the consumption of news by young people”, and I completely agree with this statement. Today the majority of us are all engaged on social media sites and by news companies tweeting or sharing posts on Facebook, it allows all age groups to consume the news. @zaduban’s comment “I will tweet once in a while if I have a strong opinion on something and have a good amount of knowledge on the topic” and @colecrerar90 similarly commented that “the emergence of all these various avenues of social media and journalism allow for everyone to become more and more engaged in the news all over the world”. The emergence of these new opportunities definitely allows us to participate directly in citizen journalism or social activism, and it is no surprise to me that everyone who has commented on my blog has stated that these ways have encouraged them to engage in different news opportunities. Everyone has also commented that they did not think they were involved in social activism but after I brought up the point that I have signed online petitions about particular topics ive felt needed attention everyone realized that they were also involved in more social activism then they had thought. Overall, throughout reading the comments on my blog, it seems the final consensus is that these new emerging opportunities definitely keep us all engaged one way or another, and to me this is a great thing.


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